Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ballalicious Thanksgiving

 A month or two before Thanksgiving I knew I wanted to do something different with the leftovers. Why not Fried Balls? Yea, yea let the jokes begin. I had a hard time coming up with names for this post too without it sounding offensive or stupid. Oh, and I wanted to be original too. I am many things and trite is not one of them. Before you ask, Ballalicious is an original name created by yours truly to describe what is surely a delicious dish. Before I begin let me quickly give you a recipe synopsis. Take your leftovers and make them into balls and fry them. A complete Thanksgiving meal in a fried ball!!!
This dish started out with my delicious Turkey 2015.
I used the Turkey Breast and saved the dark meat for the wife and kids. 
Your favorite stuffing. I made homemade croutons of course. Bread, olive oil with some spices and herbs toasted in oven. Done!!!
To a large bowl add your leftover mashed potatoes, stuffing, Turkey and gravy. 
Mash it with your hands and refrigerate until you're ready to proceed.
When you're ready toss everything into a large bowl. 
Add additional herbs if you like. I added sage, parsley, thyme and green onion.  
To this mixture add enough eggs to bind. I also added potato starch to help with the texture.
 Make sure you have leftover cranberry sauce. Using a very small ice cream scooper or small spoon freeze the little balls of joy. You're going to use these to stuff your balls. Frozen balls are easier to handle. Ok... stop laughing. Yes I used the word ball three times.
Use a very large ice cream scooper to form balls. 
Shove the cranberry ball deep into the center.
Shape into ball and coat with flour. When you have shaped all your balls toss everything in the freezer for about 15 minutes or refrigerator for about 30.
Take your flour coated balls and dip into eggs, then panko bread crumbs. Make sure they hold their shape. Refrigerate or freeze for a bit. 
Bring oil up to 350-360˚ƒ and fry until golden. 

Serve on a stick or this..... see below.