Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Chili Mac

Gotta love Chili Mac. If you love Chili and you love Pasta you must combine the too. It's a masterpiece on a plate. Having a ravenous appetite too Chili mac at least for me satisfies on all fronts. A plethora of cheese and Pasta combined with meat is nirvana.  This one dish that has every food group combined into one. Let me explain....we have veggies, meat, dairy, alcohol, wheat, herbs and spices. What's not to love about this dish?   

Anyhow I just made a huge batch of my "Chili Bombastical Sous-Vide Chapp-AZZ-Chili" and I had to do something with it other than just eat out of the pan so I made Chili Mac. I made about 14 quarts of chili and when you make quantities that large you end up giving lots away and creating innovative recipes to go along with the Chili. I already had my fair share of Burritos Tacos, Nachos, Chili on a Burger, Dog and one of my favs is Indian fry bread topped with chili and an over easy egg. So why not Chili Mac. 

This recipe is so easy I won't go into any details but will give you suggestions on how to make a great Chili Mac. 
Boil off your favorite pasta. Don't forget to add salt to the water. I used two pounds. Since I planed on cooking the pasta again with the chili and cheese I under cooked the pasta just a bit. Toss your pasta and the following ingredients in a large bowl.

 Chopped up green onions
Chopped up Cilantro

Bake it covered for about 40 minutes at 325 f and for another 10 min to brown the top. You can use a blow torch or use your broiler. 

Grate Cotija cheese on your Chili Mac like you would Parmesan.