Sunday, January 3, 2016

Porcini Mustard Cream Sauce over Pasta

Yet another dish!!! This focuses on my homemade Porcini Mustard. It's the star of the show. You can put this mustard on shoe leather and it would taste good. I will go over some of the ingredients but in the end it's all about the mustard and choices. 

Assemble your ingredients. Choose whatever you want because it's gonna taste fantastic because of the mustard. 

This would work with with Broccoli Rabe too but I love asparagus. 

I added Red Bell pepper more for color than flavor.

Chives and Parsley

Pre-cut all your veggies. Green onions all chopped up. chicken thighs washed and trimmed.

Asparagus and mushrooms all ready. 

Chopped up red bell pepper and shallots.

Toasted pine nuts and my homemade  Schmaltz. Use another fat if you have too.

A blood orange for deglazing along with the zest and Tomato powder for taste and color. 

First thing I did was to coat my chicken thighs with a bruschetta blend that I made up. Just google bruschetta and you will get many recipes. I don't measure so I don't have an exact recipe. Saute your chicken in the chicken schmaltz until slightly browned but not cook through. Remove from pan for later use.

This next part is really cool. Add some more schmaltz if you need some additional fat and saute the mushrooms with a pinch of salt and pepper. The moisture that is given up by the mushrooms will deglaze the pan and lift up all the fond. 

Start adding the rest of the ingredients and  brown until your hearts content. 

Add the Asparagus last and give it a quick saute. Deglaze with your favorite wine or Tawny. Add your blood orange juice with it's zest. Add the tomato powder. 
Add some parsley, chives, and toss. Add Heavy cream and parmesan cheese and adjust seasoning.  Ok this is the important part "ADD the Porcini Mustard" Cut up your chicken and add to sauce. Keep checking the seasoning and make sure you got it right. 

Cook the pasta until al dente, drain and add a touch of the sauce. Add your pine nuts to the pasta. Add some more parsley and chives to the pasta and top with your Porcini Sauce.