Monday, January 13, 2014

Leek & Porcini Hodgepodge

Leek & Porcini Hodgepodge Filet of beef is probably a more accurate title but I thought it was too long. Hodgepodge is a great name because it describes this dish perfectly. This dish has the butt and tail end of the beef tenderloin
as an ingredient. This cut of meat is certainly not a requirement for this recipe but I had it so what the heck. I decided to make this dish out of necessity. I had broken down a beef tenderloin to make a special Salame which only required the center cut section.

The butt and tail end were leftover and I decided to use them to make something worthy. 

From the picture above you can distinguish the different sections of the Tenderloin. 

Another component to my fabulous Hodgepodge is the addition of my Lamb ProsciuttoWithout this ingredient this dish would have only been delicious and not exquisite. These were the ends of the Prosciutto that were not sliced up. 

One of the first things I did was to re-hydrate my 3 ounces of dried Porcini mushrooms. I used a classic California beautiful red wine to re-hydrate the mushrooms.  

fully re-hydratedTo re-hydrate the mushrooms submerge in a vessel large enough to accommodate them and using a plate if necessary to keep them under the liquid.  It should take about an hour or two to re-hydrate. After they are re-hydrated strain mushrooms through a China cap, Chinois or fine mesh strainer. After straining, reserve liquid. Rinse mushrooms in cold water to remove any excess dirt or sand than chop. Strain reserved liquid through several layers of cheese cloth and set aside. This mushroom infused liquid will be your de-glazing liquid.  

Here is a picture of the ingredients I used for the dish but not all.  

Pre- chop all your ingredients and get them ready for the long stewing. You will need to clean your leeks and chop them too.