Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Duck a la me"

Salami Duck à l'orange Fettuccine is probably a better name for the dish but I wanted the name to be avant-garde (Hoity-Toity french word) since this recipe is so unconventional. 

Over the years I have come across recipes for Duck a' l'orange but never thought about making it myself until now. The Hoity-Toity name was also a reason at least for me not to make this dish. To be honest I am not sure what bothered me about the name but I guess one excuse is as good an another. BTW-this is an old Yiddish proverb that is used regularly "if you dont want to do something, one excuse is as good as another" 

I'm not sure if this really qualifies as Duck l'orange because I'm not using a whole duck and I added Fettuccine hence the name "Duck a la me". This recipe came out of left field because I wanted to use my homemade Duck Salami so donning my yiddisher kop I created what I presume is a unique tasty dish. The only thing I knew about the original dish was the Hoity-Toity name and the ingredients which included duck and oranges. 

The first thing I did was to collect the ingredients I believe would work well with the my duck. Since the dish has oranges in it that's the first thing I grabbed. Of course I removed the ZEST for later use.

I had to add an onion component so I thought to myself hmmm....shallots are mild enough not to over power the oranges and of course onions were out of the question.

I also added couple of Roma Tomatoes seeded and chopped, minced chives, minced garlic, fresh Italian parsley, and of course my duck salami. I added Chicken stock also but would have preferred veal stock if I had any.

Oh yea..... obviously salt and pepper. If you have white pepper use this instead of black pepper because this will compliment the salami which was also made with white peppercorns. 

Putting it all together was really simple. Saute in a large skillet shallots, garlic in lots of butter. After the shallots and garlic start taking on some color deglaze pan with fresh orange juice. Strain everything through a fine mesh or a chinois and reserved your orange concoction. 

The next steps are easy too. Add more butter to the pan that was used for the shallots and garlic and toss in the Tomatoes, salt and pepper. Saute for a couple of minutes then add ZEST. Continue cooking for a couple of minutes until you start smelling wonderful aromas coming off the pan and the tomatoes really start to soften.  

Toss in a couple of cups of chicken broth/stock and reduce a bit. Add reserved orange sauce.  Adjust for seasoning and viscosity. Add minced chives and duck. Add a little bit of parsley. If you want more sweetness add sugar. Toss your pasta with the sauce and your done. 

Remember duck fat melts quickly so serve quickly. Top with a little fresh parsley and cheese and manger 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Tri-Tip with Ancho & Coffee

If you like beef you will love my take on Tri-Tip!! 

Although I have a love for beef (normally made from Top Round) I find the amount of fat in the cut deficient. The best of the both worlds in my opinion is the mighty Tri-Tip which has a little more fat than the Top Round Roast Beef. The Tri-Tip has more intra-muscular fat and if you want flavor you need fat. If you are unfamiliar with the Tri-Tip it's a small triangular muscle cut from the bottom sirloin sub-primal section. What makes this Tri-Tip a little different is the rub I use and how thinly I sliced it. Of course I will be cooking this hunk of meat using my Sous-Vide and finishing it off on the Weber Genesis Grill at an extreme temp.  

First things first where do you buy a Tri-Tip? I have never seen it at QFC or Safeway but it's always available at Costco. 

Why is it called a Tri-Tip? I am not sure either. I have searched the net and really could not find a great answer. I can only speculate that it has something to do with the way it is shaped and how the fibers run. If you were to slice this by hand it could be a little tricky. You can tell by the picture the meat fibers run in different directions. The picture I provided shows you where the fibers are and of course you want to cut across the grain. After you cook a Tri-Tip the fibers are not as noticeable so it might make cutting a little tricky. I am using a pro-Slicing machine so there is no issue for me.

This recipe is a snap. These are the ratios I used but it's just a personal thing. Montreal steak seasoning (4), Cinnamon (1), Ancho-Powder (4), favorite coarsely ground coffee (3) and Brown sugar (5).  I purchased my steak seasoning from Costco but you can make your own. Mix it all up and apply liberally to your meat. Note: adding Coffee to the rub adds complexity and bitterness that is just wonderful.

So when I say apply liberally I mean cake it on!! You want to impart a lot of flavor into the meat.

Vacuumed sealed!! The meat will sit for 24-48 hours in the refrigerator that way all the flavors will marry and hopefully penetrate the meat (I prefer 48 hours). This is basically a dry rub marinade. Afterwards I will Sous-Vide the Tri-Tip at 132 degrees for 6 hours. For details about Sous-Vide Tri-Tip Click-HERE.
After the Sous-Vide bath I cooled the meat off in a Ice bath then refrigerated the meat over-night. The next day I fired up my Weber Genesis to about 725 degrees to brown the outside of the meat. Prior to putting the meat on the grill I dried the meat off with paper towels to remove excess moisture to facilitate browning. The meat will not brown very well if moisture is excessive. I also applied little bit canola oil spray to the meat because oil acts as a conduit for heat distribution and helps with the browning. 

After I browned up the meat I cooled it once again in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Now all you gotta do is slice away and enjoy. 

I would also suggest reserving some of the rub and processing it through a spice mill into a fine powder to sprinkle on the meat after it's sliced up. Now go make a great big sandwich!!!

Update- 3/27/2015
133 at 8-12 hours produced awesome results. This time I used Certified Angus Beef. Not sure if this made a difference but it was awesome.