Friday, April 1, 2016

Mojito Spice Blend

This is a work in progress so please bare with me as I keep making updates. This is just one big science experiment. 

12 grams Granulated Garlic
6 grams Onion Powder 
1 gram Cumin
1.5 grams Granulated Dehydrated Sweet bell pepper
3 grams Smoked Black Pepper
3 grams Jalapeno Powder
2 grams Chili Powder
10 grams Lime Juice Powder
5 grams Orange Juice Powder
4 grams Citric Acid
1.5 grams Mexican Oregano
27 grams Salt
24 grams Dextrose
2 grams Silicon Dioxide Powder (2% anti-clumping)

Note-1 4/1/2016 - This spice blend came out pretty good. Need to cut back on Citric Acid. Try Raw Sugar instead dextrose. Will reduce Jalapeno and Chili Powder. Might increase Sweet beller. 

Note-2 4/2/2016 - The above recipe works well with Jerky. So for Jerky application I won't change a thing. To use in other applications I will make changes as annotated in Note 1.