Monday, August 26, 2013

My love of Bacon

My love of bacon has taken me in many different culinary directions. 
See Heavenly Bacon

First of all I do not eat pork or as we tribesmen say Treif. What do we do then? We find an alternative or we make our own. I have eaten lots of Turkey Bacon which in my opinion is a poor substitute if you ask me.   

I have eaten great Beef bacon but it's not available everywhere and somewhat expensive. I have see kosher beef bacon as high as 7 bucks for 4 oz.

What is a Jew to do? Hey lets make our own beef bacon. This of course requires lots of research. Last thing you want to do is kill someone because you improperly cured your meat. If you do not cure the the meat properly you risk creating the  Botulism toxin. If you hot smoke the bacon which I do not recommend (to much fat rendering) than curing is unnecessary but my incredible bacon is cold smoked.