Sunday, December 15, 2013

Finito Agnello Prosciutto è Sorprendente

"Mary had a little Lamb?  That's right "HAD" is used in past tense. Mary no longer has a Lamb. In fact she is dragging the Lamb to the butcher."  Vegans beware I love meat!!!!

"Mary had a little lamb
She ate it with mint jelly
And everywhere that Mary went
The lamb in her belly was sure to go"

Finito Agnello Prosciutto è Sorprendente means I finished my Lamb Prosciutto and it's Amazing. The genesis of this Lamb can be found here titled Charcuterie Lamb Prosciutto. 

A special thanks to Jason Molinari of cured meats blog for sharing his recipe!!! 

After 14 days of curing and 75 days of drying the Lamb was done.  It had lost 30.5% of its weight. Original weight was 2150 grams and its final weight was 1496 grams.

Now on to the tasting profile.  

First let me say you have 
to be a Lamb Lover to like
this. The curing process really intensifies the flavor so if you are so so on Lamb I would give it a pass.  I have read some blogs that say that Lamb Prosciutto is gamey. I would have to respectfully disagree.  

Lamb Prosciutto is Bold in flavor but it is certainly not gamey.  Because of the perfect ratio of herbs/spices there is a perfect balance.  The texture surprised me.  I did not expect the prosciutto to be so smooth and silky becaused it was rolled and tied.  Inaddition, as the lamb pressed against my taste buds it was surprisingly delicate. Very hard to describe with words.  
Nothing stands out as over powering except for the very bold Lamb flavor.  

Would I make it again....YES!!!! 

Would I change anything....NO!!!!!!

I wanted to give you a review of a product I used to bind the meat together. Before Tying, I used a called Transglutaminase Activa . 

 I used  Transglutaminase Activa because it helps create a glue like substance that binds the meat together. I just loved this product.  It created a perfect fused symmetrical shape that allowed me to slice it perfectly and it did not fall apart.  I attribute the smoothness and silky to this product. You would never know this was a rolled up piece of meat. Absolutely amazing.  

Vacuumed sealed with wax paper separating each slice. 

Lamb Prosciutto & Blue Cheese Cream sauce