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Note 1: The weight of meat plus fat is 100%. All ingredients to be added are expressed as a percentage of the weight of meat plus fat. Percentages can be used to standardize recipes regardless of batch size.  All weights are metric. 

Note 2: No weights are given because the weights of meats vary. Everything is a percentage of the meats weight after trimming. Example- Meat weight 2393 grams and we want to find out the amount of salt we need in grams- 2393 X 3.5%=83.755 or 2392/100 X 3.5 =83.755 grams. 

Note 3: I use .25% cure #1 & #2 for all my curing needs.  This equates to 156 ppm of Sodium Nitrite allowed by the Meat Division of the USDA for 
Comminuted meats. The .25% corresponds to 1 oz (28.35 g) of Cure for each 25 lbs (11.33 kg) of meat.   l lb of Meat would need .04 oz of Cure.   Percentage is .25% of the meats weight.  I.E 16 oz X .25% = .04 oz . My preference is to always use grams. 

Note 4: The percentages express below come directly out of Stanely Marianski book Home Production of Quality Meats and Sausages.  I actually created the % percentages calculations based on some of his recipes/info he provided.  I used some fancy math to extrapolate the numbers. 
  • .19 % = 120 ppm use sometimes for Bacon
  • .25%  = 156 ppm Max for Comminuted meats
  • .60%  = 347.4 ppm for larger Cut of meat that will dry for a long time. 
  • .99%  = 625 ppm USDA MAX limit for dry curing.
Note 5: I used equilibrium curing instead of excess salt curing. Excess salt curing is a technique where you cover the meat entirely in salt.  Equilibrium curing is using exact amounts needed for the cure.  "This method would be the Sous-Vide cooking of the curing world". Jason Molinari

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