Sunday, November 24, 2013

Finito Bresaola io ti adoro

Bresaola Bresaola Bresaola io ti adora!!!! For those of you that do not speak Italian "io ti adora" means "How I adore you" I don't speak Italian either so I goggled it because it sound sophisticated. That's right I love just adore my Bresaola.  In a privous post titled Bresaola using UMAI Charcuterie Bags I talked about how I cured it and here are the results of that effort. 

A special thanks to Jason Molinari of cured meats blog for sharing his recipe!!! 

After 21 days of curing and 51 days of dry curing the Bresaola met its target weight of 2137 grams which was a 35% loss in weight. I originally was shooting for 30% but decided to go for an extra 5%. 

My thoughts?  The Bresaola tasted meaty and the texture was silky and creamy. Overall I would say it was a symphony orchestrated and executed with precision. 

Perhaps, and I am still debating this I will pull it out at 32-33% of weight loss. The salt was nearly perfect for my palate but next time will cut salt back from 5% to 3.5%.