Monday, September 23, 2013

Kosher-Dosher the Story.........

The picture to the left is from the Lower East Side of NYC. This is where my family settled in after their arrival from Eastern Europe and Sicily.

Between 1880 and 1920, roughly 2 millions Jewish people immigrated to the US from Eastern Europe and Russia. Suddenly, the foods of a people dispersed for nearly 2000 years (plus 400 in the desert) came together in one corner of Manhattan and started cooking and sharing their unique recipes. Jewish food is eclectic and unique depending on your family and traditions. It's not just bagels and lox's.


My Dad and Sister April 65, I was 4 months old.
My Mom April 65
My love affair with food started when I was just a young boy growing up in Brooklyn NY.  Growing up in the melting pot of NYC is a great way to learn and experience food. Becoming a Foodie did not happen until I entered the US NAVY. I was kinda of a foodie when I was a kid meaning I got to eat amazing food made by family and friends. Experiencing food in the melting pot was and is an experience I now call a privilege. It wasn't until I entered the Navy that I came to the realization that my foodie experience in NYC was not the norm. When I first started experiencing food outside NYC I was rudely awaken and aghast as to what other people and cultures thought about food.  This started me out on my journey to become what I call a foodie. Why Kosher Dosher?  When I was a kid Kosher Dosher meant everything was OK and I have always liked the phrase.  Also I do not eat Pork and shellfish etc etc hence Kosher………

I'm epicurist who is devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment of food so therefore you may call me a Foodie!!!