Sunday, September 29, 2013

Duck Prosciutto completed

The Duck Prosciutto  charcuterie turned out great. Beyond my wildest dreams is an understatement.  What started out as a beginners introduction to charcuterie turned out to be something extraordinaire. I could never imagine something so simple, and easy, to make turning out simply amazing.  

The whole project started out on Sept 9, 2013 and I planned on letting it dry until it lost about 30% of its weight which should have taken out 3 plus weeks. Well 19 days later on Sept 28 it had lost 25% of its total weight and based on feel and looks I thought it was ready.  

I sliced it thinly which was reminiscent of the salty pork version. The duck version in my opinion was better than the pork version   Granted I have not eaten the pork version in probably 15 plus years but this was superior.  The Duck prosciutto was bold in flavor and the contrasting white fat to the red-meat was eye popping. I recollect the pork version being being mild.  Not that mild is bad but just different.  

The flavor was robust and the white fat melted in your mouth. 

I am looking forward to making some pasta dishes using the bold duck prosciutto which will be a treat for all. 

What to do with Duck Prosciutto?  I made a Torte which I adapted from a recipe from Kizer Foods. 

I also made some duck bacon too.


Midnight snack with a friend.  Fruit, cheese and Sparkling Apple cider.  

It was awesome!!! So was the company.