Saturday, August 24, 2013

Schmaltz & Gribenes our secret weapon

Liquid Schmaltz
What is Schmaltz you ask?  It's our secret weapon for making things taste great.  Yes, that's right, it's our liquid gold that we add to just about anything; well I do if I want to make the stereotypical Jewish food taste good.  Healthy probably not but anything used in moderation is not bad for you.  
Solidified Schmaltz 
Non-Jewish people may not be familiar with Schmaltz so allow me to give you an analogy. Schmaltz is to the Jew as Lard is to the Gentile.  

Gribenes are the by-product of the culinary masterpiece we call Schmaltz. 



Collect skin and fat from chickens. I usually de-bone chicken thighs and use the meat in another dish and save all the skin and fat. 

As the above picture shows, I placed chicken on sheet pan and froze slightly so I could cut into one inch pieces.

Toss everything in large non-stick frying pan with about a 1/2 cup of water and begin a gentle simmer. 

Once the water and the moisture in the fat and skin have cooked off, crank up heat and brown the fat. 

When the skin is lightly brown and plenty of fat has rendered, toss in lots of onions. 

Fry it all up and stir every once and a while and scrape bottom of pan. 

Notice how everything is getting golden.

Ah.....all golden brown.  What we have here is Schmaltz and Gribenes which is the by-product of making Schmaltz.

Set up a bowl and insert strainer, than layer with cheese cloth.

Strain the liquid gold and reserve the gribenes. The Schmaltz is ready to use. Refrigerate/freeze until you want to use it. 

Liquid Gold can be used just like butter.  You can add it to any recipe that calls for fat.  I.E Knish , Latkes, Matzo balls, Potato Kugel, Quiche etc etc......

The Gribenes can be use in all the above dishes.  I like to freeze them and use a food processor to chop them up like a bacon bits.